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Woah! Now how is that for a nice new strict ruling! Cape Town is clamping down on people who text while driving. I think it is a monumentally stupid thing to do while driving, but someone people just don’t seem to care. I mean come on, most phones have text to speak.


The new bylaw comes into effect from today, Monday 2 July 2012, and forms part of their action plan to reduce road deaths by half in 2014.

Safety and security mayoral committee member JP Smith said Cape Town was the only city where the road death toll was decreasing steadily, from 1739 deaths in 2008 to 1321 in 2011.

Now not only is the fine going to be R5000 which is a serious amount of cash money, it seems that their cellphone is also going to be confiscated for 24 hours. The cellphone can be collected at the Gallow Hills Traffic Department in Greed point. Before you get in a panic, the phone will apparently be sealed in a box and you have to present a unique serial number and your ID book to reclaim it.

What do you guys think? That fine is quite steep so hopefully it will stop people from doing it, but I think the real kicker is that your phone gets taken away. That is quite an interesting one with regards to privacy etc.

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