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First off, no this is not a sponsored post, just a post that appreciates when a company makes innovative strides forward.

This is simply a post about how my bank keeps offering services that make them better than the rest and makes me proud to bank with them. Yes, I said I was proud to belong to a bank, and that bank is winning the Battle of the Banks - FNB that is.

FNB have just launched GeoPayments, which is their term for NFC banking basically. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and this allows for device interaction simply based on their proximity.

GeoPayments is essentially the same thing and allows FNB customers to send and receive money from their cellphone without having to have their bank card even close to them. Seriously, how can you want to bank with anyone else?

Also, non-FNB customers are not left out. They can only receive money though and it will be placed into an eWallet which they can then transfer to their own bank.

Seriously, this is some very cool technology and I can’t wait to actually try it out.

You can read the full press release here, and TechCentral also covered the topic quite well.

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