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So you want to travel the world hey? You want to witness the great sights and sounds that this big earth has to offer? Geez, that is a daunting task on all your own with a tiny shoe-string of a budget. Normally, there is no way that a general Bob like you or I could make this happen.

Enter Spar.

Yep, Spar want to help make this a reality for someone. See The World With Spar is there latest campaign where they are allowing a couple of lucky contestants to literally see the world in all its glory.

There are going to be one winner from six different areas that will become a Spar Reporter and get to travel the globe, all while sharing your experiences with the world.

seetheworldwithsparHow to Enter

Easy! Simply take a short application video stating why you think you should be the one to enjoy this prize and why you would make a fantastic Spar Reporter. Simply visit to register and start to get those points rolling in.

How to Get Points

Every form of interaction with your video will earn you points. Likes, shares, views, comments and tweets all convert into social points, and the five contestants with the highest points tally from each region will be invited for an interview where the top two will get flown to Amsterdam to determine who the lucky six will be.

What do you mean you are still reading this!? Go get cracking on your video! Not just anyone will be able to win this, so get creative and don’t be shy!

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