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Right so week one of the #NoobBoob Challenge is down. I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t sore. Actually I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t in complete agony and my body was as tired as hell. ┬áMy body is actually close to the point of sleep walking.

Anyway, Monday started with my first session of physio for my shin splints and by gawd was that painful! I had to do a couple of exercises at first and then she unleashed her little devil fingers for a massage that was from satan himself!

After wanting to punch her Monday also followed my first coaching session of the season and after the physio I actually felt pretty good surprisingly. I managed a quick session on the bike after that and felt pretty sore and exhausted at the end of it, but I guess that is expected after shovelling pies down my gullet without doing any exercise really for about 5 months.

No Pie Zone - #NoobBoob Challenge

The rest of the week saw me train by myself for a good couple hours each day on the astro with Wednesday being another coaching session. Thursday I took the day off due to their being a power failure at the gym which gave me a valid excuse in my books.

Friday came and saw me back at the pain lady. This time she was really impressed with the progress I had made and I was dam sure to boast aboutt having been to the gym more this week than I think I have in my life! Anyway, here I am on Sunday after a full week of hitting the gym and doing my stretching and strengthening exercises and I am feeling good. I am not in as much pain and I feel fitter and healthy already. My weight hasn’t budged from just shy of 90kgs but I am hoping that this next week or two sees me make some progress.

I have roped in a mate to join the challenge and maybe I will post his progress here as well. Anyone else wanting to join the challenge and welcome a six pack? ;)

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