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This post is sponsored by Heineken.

The English Premier League is definitely the best league in the world there is no doubt about it. The quality that is on show week after week is outstanding and simply the best in the world. However, there is one and only one competition that pips the EPL at being the best club competition in the world: The UEFA Champions League.

Ok, so they are both slightly different, but there is no doubt that those European nights in the Champions League are something extra special. The best clubs in the world are only able to attract players to their club if they are playing in the Champions League and the fans know just how special the tournament is. Take Chelsea’s dramatic second leg extra time winner against Napoli last night – truely sensational!

Heineken wanted to do something this year where they engaged with the true fans of the game and allowed them the chance to lift the greatest club competition trophy in their own hands – introducing the Heineken UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour 2012.

Look at their reactions! It is like they have won the tournment themselves and you can see the true thrill on their faces! What an experience that must have been! I would love to say that I had won the Champions League and lifted that trophy! What a moment that must be! Ok, so maybe it isn’t so glamourous to lift it in your hotel room, but then you realize that you are one of a VERY select few that can say that they have even touched it, never mind had the chance to celebrate with it and take photos!

Oh, and it all comes together and makes the moment truly special when the Heineken’s arrive at their door. Now THAT is how you engage with fans, keep them wanting more, as well as committed to a truly sexy brand.

Find out more about the Champions League Hotel Films.

P.S I am still grumpy that my team Man United where knocked out in the group stage. No need to rub it in :/

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