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When another competitor makes false claims and lays down campaigns that are based on factually incorrect information, you need to step in and correct that, is what Standard Bank are saying to the public at the moment. What they will be explaining to their board of directors shortly though, is how badly they messed this situation up.

Standard Bank Tweet

Today Standard Bank  tweeted “” which lead to everyone jumping on the bandwagon and throwing in their two cents worth on Twitter. Chris M over from said Standard Bank & FNB Go Head to Head and this got me thinking far more in-depth on the issue at hand. From my timeline, it looks like Standard Bank are fighting a losing battle. The sentiment towards First National Bank was overwhelmingly positive and it seems those that bank with FNB are more than willing to stand up for their bank and go to war in the Battle of the Banks. Some even asking the trusty face of FNB’s social media efforts @RBJacobs if the claims were indeed true.

It would be really interesting to get the guys from over at Brands Eye involved to see what the online sentiment was really like without a biased slant. FNB have a far better social presence from what I can tell so I would imagine they would wins this hands down.

Blog Post

Standard Bank also released a blog post coinciding with their twitter update regarding the complaint and you can read it here. Please feel free to leave your comments on the post. I would love to see how the bank reacts to all comments whether they are positive or negative.

Social Media

What makes this really interesting for me, is the way that the two brands have handled things. Judging from the initial tweet announcing the complaints, everything seems very standardized and generic with little or not personality added to the brand. On the other hand, their is RBJacobs who appears as the “face” of customer support for FNB on Twitter and adds some personal interaction to dealing with the bank, a task most people have come to loath. This is the perfect example of how not to use Twitter for your brand, versus how exactly how to leverage the platform for your company.

FNB responds to Standard bank tweet

I don’t really care what the outcome is with regards to this, I will still bank with FNB as I feel that they have a far superiour advertising campaign using Steve from Bleep Bank, and they have created a culture and feeling that I can relate to and one I want to associate myself with.

Knockout FNB in my books, but I want to know what your opinions are.

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