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So you and a couple mates are busying vibing the sand pit with the hectic waves with your toight abs and lekker shades gooing all around the place. Then you check these mooi squeeeezers out the corner of your eye, and you think that those bettys are ones for the record books. Your first instinct is to call your other best mate who decided he “wasn’t smaaking that vibe” and stayed at home. Loser. You pick up your phone about to give his ass a call to convince him that these betty’s are completely off the chain and need to be attended to ASAP.

You dial his nommer one time coz obviously he is your best bro so he is on speed dial numero uno. “You do not have enough airtime. Please recharge before attempting to make any calls” tunes the chicky on the other side of the phone. Just when you are about to give her a proper klap you realize that you were a flipping chop and didn’t get that R5 airtime voucher on the way to natures swimming pool. Flip oke - amateur move bru.

If you had Flexicell, you wouldn’t be making flipping dof moves like that my china. Flexicell solves that problem for those that are a little bit short of some currency in the kop department. Flexicell goois you a set amount of airtime right off your account right at the start of the month. No more queues with people buying a truck load of food and who smell bad. No more fighting with the bergies outside the shop fighting to get your last suip of papsak just so you can get your sexy hands on another R5 airtime voucher. Flexicell works with a debit order and druks the airtime right off your account for the amount that you signed up. Kief.

Oke, you think that is the best part? Nah, the best part is the fact that you don’t have to sign nix contract. Nudda. Month to month china with only a months noticed required when you want to stop, but you wouldn’t be so flipping dof to do that hey?

Bru, now when you walk up to those mooi chickies on the beach you can tune that you are on this lekker contract and the birds will be all over you. Prepaid to contract with Flexicell. Cha, I smaaaaaak it as well.


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