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Ladies and gents I would like to entice you into the deep dark world of online gambling. Many rate that this is simply a massive hole into which you shall sink all semblance of hard earned money and savings, but ladies and gentleman, I tend to disagree with such outlandish and blatantly rude statements.

Well not entirely, but I shall still not stand for such crass statements.You see there are many enjoyable moments when playing on online casinos, ones that you just can’t quite get in other ways.

The Bluff

The bluff can sometimes be one of the oldest, most bland trick, that very often doesn’t win you much because of the way that many people play their cards… See what I did there? It’s called a bluff, and I just sold you down the river! The bluff is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but by golly does this old bag of tricks keep bringing in the doe when done with the utmost expertise and excellence. The good old hood-winking will never leave you dry if you can surpass the status of blushing-idiot-who-scratches-his-head-every-time-he-has-a-good-hand and will bring you the title of Money Bags Big Bawler with lots of hoes in different area codes as the wise Ludacris and late Nate Dogg once said.

The High Stakes

You want adrenaline pumping through your veins as you pursue the high stake load bare before your greedy bluffing hands and this is exactly what playing poker can give you. The rush of out bluffing an opponent and managing to defeat them to take home the mountainous glory of winnings that is laid for all to see in front of you under the enormous amount of pressure. Yes, honey, you are more than welcome to come home with me in my new Ferrari now.

The Attention

There is nothing quite like a big crowd gathering around your table as the pressure mounts, the stakes keep rising and the attention keeps on rolling in. Suddenly all the ladies have their eye on you and you are all that is keeping people interested any more. But there is something even more satisfying in just playing it cool by sitting back and relaxing while the rest of the table soaks up all the pressure making you look, calm, cool, and definitely in control. Ladies, ladies, form an orderly queue!

The Thrill Of Winning Big

Of course, no ordinary casino really offers the big bucks; you need to play at the big boys table and do as the saying says and go big or go home. But when you do go big and win even bigger, the rush of adrenaline and endorphins that pump through your previously calm and collected pose are enough to get a man out of his knickers and dancing on the table with his draws down, ass shaking all over the place to Beyonce’s latest hit.

The Status

This doesn’t just bestowed on any fanny wobble out their willing to call someone old farts raise on his small blind. No, no, no kiddies, to get the proper status, you need to play with daddy and flash some of that nice cash. No, not those brown notes with your bum stains on them, but rather lots of the orange variety with the Cheetahs on them. Yep, those are the big things that Daddy plays with, and those are the only notes that are going to get you into the serious table, but that, my friends, comes with Status, and that needs to be earned first through wit, skill, and undeniably good looks.

Poker is a game of skill and just is not quite the same as playing something like Roulette. That is a complete game of luck, but hell, that spinning of the wheel can get you just as pumped as winning a big hand after you have bluffed the table sideways with a 2 and a 7.



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