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So I am going to follow in the footsteps of Mr iMod and post my New Years resolutions for 2012 so that there is a sense of accountability.

Here goes:

  • Weight: this is the big goal for this year. To get healthy and try and get down to 80kgs of ripped awesomeness. I found that during 2011 my sport suffered due to having a couple extra kilograms. I don’t think health can ever be over valued.
  • Learn to cook: Seriously, I am like a retarded sloth when it comes to the kitchen. I do however make a mean slice of some gourmet toast.
  • Studies: I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I can achieve two firsts in this next semester out of the four modules that I will be taking from UNISA.
  • 1 Month Challenge: Every month I want to pick something new to try or do during the month and to try and stick to that for the month. January’s challenge is to read for around 20 minutes every night before I go to sleep. Whether that is an eBook on my iPad or a novel, or any other hard copy book. I just want some quiet time before bed.
  • Start Drumming again: This is something that has seriously slacked off over the last couple years and last year I think I must have played once of twice. Considering that my kit is just picking up dust, I think it deserves some TLC.
  • Big Holiday Overseas: I am determined to save enough money to go take a holiday overseas this year by myself. If I can get a mate or two to come along even better, but I think this holiday is going to be a solo mission. A lot of cash will need to be tucked away so I am going to have to watch things like a hawk if I want to reach this goal.
  • Improve my coding abilities: The more skills you have the more valuable you are and to further my career I need to continue to add skills that can make me moreĀ indispensableĀ to employers and I think being fairly fluent in PHP is a language that would really benefit me in the world of SEO.

My theme for the year is Organized Chaos. I need to get things organized around me. I need more structure in my day to day activities and just generally how I handle things. For example I have a budget but don’t really stick closely to it or really manage it properly. It will be just little things like keeping my desk clean as often as possible and using a calendar to keep things up to date etc.

My motto for the year is: Health, Wealth & Happiness. I want to take stock of things every 3 months and make sure that I am on track and to make sure that if I am slacking that I can pick the ball back up and get everything ticked off.

I have taken quite some time to think about my goals and what I want to do with this year. I have obviously left my financial goals off of this list as I don’t think I should make that sort of information public knowledge. There are also a couple other targets left off this list as I am not sure I want to commit to them or for people to openly know that it is a target.


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