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What you have heard is true – I like to party and I like to party hard. Daddy doesn’t play no games when he goes out and you shouldn’t be any different. Just a fair warning though, if you do try and keep up, you will probably lose at least an eye, a limb and probably at least one testicle. I warned you.

If you have always enjoyed living on the edge and taking a chance with your life and are prepared to risk a knee cap here and there, then sure, try and keep up! Otherwise, I think it is safer for you to try and just make sure that you stay away from the booze and just try to survive and make it to sunrise.

Heineken have a smashing new campaign out where they are trying to get all of you to realize that while you might *think* that you can keep pace while trying to smash back a long line of Tequila shots, it is probably safer for you to try to do things in moderation.

“Sunrise belongs to the moderate drinker”┬áis the name of their campaign and actually carries some pretty solid advice considering the number of times that I have woken up in a drunken stupor while trying to work out who, and where the hell I was while crawling out of a gutter on the east side of Kraaifontein. That’s not a pretty place.

As always, Heineken come out with some really good ads, and this one is no different. This one has an exception though, it goes against their usual grain of, “our beer is awesome and I hope you smash loads of them in your face”, but instead focuses on, “Yes our beer is totally awesome, but its best when you behave like a perfect gentleman, drink in moderation and actually end up remembering the great night out and that tasty beer“.

Sunrise: Enjoy Heineken Responsibly.

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