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I am sitting here sipping on  a refreshing drink while I stare into the mirror admiring my own sensationally good looks. What drink could match up to an ego this large is what you might be thinking. Klippies and Cola – that’s what my good friends.

The Okes from the legendary Klippies and Cola decided I was worthy of being a part of their latest campaign to appreciate the Good Okes out there. They happened to appreciate my rugged good looks, natural charm and sintalating litarary skills so much that they decided to send me a little something something of awesomeness.

Klipdrift & Cola - Good - goods

Yes, my friends, that is a bucket of awesomeness tailored for all of those men out there that are so awesome it causes the average man to weep with joy when our presence can even be smelt. Over-doing it a bit much? Well they did exactly that with the goodies!

Klipdrift & Cola - Good

In the crate I got:

 2 T-shirts
 2 Caps
 3 Lanyards
 2 Six Packs (Nom nom nom)
 A sunglasses case that connects to my iPod and has a little speaker
 1 bottle opening 2GB flash drive
 and the legendary Oke Manual



I think that is quite a frik load of cool stuff!

Klipdrift & Cola - Good - 3 klippies

So what is Good Okes you might ask? It is a website where all the okes can come together to compete and show their true level of manliness against one another. There are monthly challenges with frikken loads of re-donkulously kiff prizes like a 32″ LED TV, Xbox 360, iPad 2, braai gear and R10 000 cash! I smaaaaak it bru!

So what you gotta do to get your hands on this awesome load is to complete the challenges and make sure you get the most points. I am not going to spoil the surprise of what the challenges are, but stop stuffing around and go do them and officially prove your Okeness by taking the ultimate Oke test.

Hmmm those drinks are going to go down well around the xmas table ;)


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