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You know the man is a legend from the moment that he changes the national constitution of his own country so that he must be called “Supreme Leader”.

kim jong il - dictator definition cool

Dictator definition cool

Anyway, the man, the legend, the short dude who stared in Team America has finally bitten the dust. The Supreme Leader has been sick for a while and we knew it was coming, but hey. China seem a little on edge saying that they are “distressed” after hearing of his death. Apparently not quite as distressed as the rest of the country as the military has been put on high alert following the news. We wouldn’t want any free-willed citizens trying to latch onto the crazy idea of boycotting the communist state now would we? Pfft what outrageous ideas!

Kim-Jong-Il - bodyguards

Bitches say what with all my bodyguards?

It was said that the great leader suffered an exhaustion related heart attack while taking a train ride. A train ride seriously? This man rolls in old school style yo. I mean look at his fashion sense! Rocking those grey suits non-stop.

This sets up Sasha Boren Cohen’s new movie called Dictator quite nicely.

Anyway, now that Kim Jong Il is gone, it should be fairly amusing to watch the national tensions of North Korea, South Korea as well as China start to increase. Let me get my popcorn!

kim-jong-il - naked with beer

“Well rwarlo der!”

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