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So the last few years the blog awards have been an absolute shambles. (Yes I want you to pronounce that absolute like JZ does. Absolutely!) I got really into it a couple of years ago when my site was first launched and I was such a keen little bean it wasn’t even funny. I spammed (I would never spam you darlings) a massive campaign and went balls to the walls praying that my tiny readership pulled through. Anyway, a blog that hadn’t had a new post in over a year got through to the top 10 so I got over it.

The last couple years there has been more poop flung towards the awards than a big monkey brawl in the middle of the jungle with an unlimited supply of poop, loads of Red Bull and a sign declaring the monkey poop flinging Olympics open. It seems this year is no different and the poop, she is being flung in all directions!

I hadn’t really giving a flying wombat about what happens this year, but I thought that I would at least add the big (flipping ugly!?) banner onto my sidebar so that if people voted for me and I got through to the top 10, or how ever the hell things are working this year (seriously, wtf decides on how this shit works? A handitard who has tied their hands together with their own shoelaces??) that there were actually people who had voted for me and thought that my crappy writing was worth it.

Now, I am changing tact! Ha! Bet you never saw that one coming did you biatches!? Exactly. Now, I am changing the game, but I don’t want y├íll to hate either the game or the player. In this case, especially the player coz that is me yo. Peace.


SA Blog Awards BadgeOk I am going to shut up now in return for your vote. Just click on the big red ugly fucking vote sign. Please?

If not, I will spam you all to hell. Go vote, there is only 1 day left!

*Even if you don’t vote for me, at least click on an ad so that I can afford some drink to drown my sorrows in when I don’t make the cut. Appreciated!

**Seriously, what is Evox going to sponsor? I know most of us are geeks, but I think steroids could be a bit of an odd prize for someone who probably can’t even hold the container up!

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