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So I have some BlackBerry Jokes for you. Quite cheesy, but since all of my friends have been trying to persuade me to get one of these CrapBerries, I thought I would poke fun at them now while I have the chance. ;)
blackberry server crash - down worldwide

  • Hey BlackBerry, why you looking so umm.. down?
  • What did the one BlackBerry user say to the other? Nothing because BBM is down.
  • Why did the BlackBerry user cross the road? To go get airtime.
  • As seen on Facebook: “dude nokia 3310 pwns blackberry ;)”
  • Blackberry are having a 3 day mourning for Steve Jobs.

Apparently, this is how to fix your BlackBerry after the RIM servers went down worldwide causing your beloved BBM and email to crash.

I think Steve Jobs is enjoying playing God and causing mayhem while his company launches iOS5. Brilliant.

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