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Most people smaak more than one genre of beats I am sure? Now, what happens when two of your favourite genres come together and collide so spectacularly that you have no other option but to suck your thumb and chance your pants? Yea, exactly.

Meet, KoRNstep.

That is an artistic blend of heavy metal and dubstep – also known as pure AWESOMENESS!

Yea, that is Korn AND Skrillex on one song. Yes, I know your bum hole is on fire because you can’t contain yourself with excitement right now. Here, take this tub of ice cream and go sit in it. Korn and Skrillex. Eish bra, met eish.

Korn’s new album, “The Path of Totality” is due to hit stores on December the 5th. Can you say most awesome xmas gift ever!?

Will this spurn the birth of more l337 speak? STFUGU!

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