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I have been a Coldplay since I first heard of the band when their single called ‘Parachutes‘ came out. I have all the albums and can even play a few of their songs on the drums, so when I heard they were coming to South Africa I tried to keep my eyes open for news about when they were coming and when I could grab tickets.


Obviously when a big band like that comes to South Africa, and Cape Town especially, tickets are always hard to come by. They either sell out virtually instantly, or ComputDicket stuff up royally and things go pear shaped! This time, my sister and I were well prepared. She headed out to stand in the physical line, while I headed up the online route. Tickets went on sale at 9, but since around 8:20 the website was having issues. Anyway, my sister managed to grab the four tickets we were after with only standing in the queue for two and half hours. CompuDicket seriously needs to sort their piece of shit website out!

Coldplay play at the Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday the 5th of October and hopefully I will see YOU there! #excited!

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