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How are awesome people continuously awesome many people ask me. Ok, actually they don’t but that is because I can imagine they are actually just too intimidated to ask me an actual question. Yea I would be intimidated too but hey, it’s not easy being this awesome.

But the way that we do it is by continuously pushing the boundaries of awesome. So, I decided a few days ago that the site needed a redesign. I like to keep things fresh and obviously awesome so a brand spanking new look and feel for all you wonderful people to marvel at is here for your eyes to ogel and have visual eye sex with. No that probably didn’t make sense, but you know what I mean.

Captain Awesome Old Captain Awesome New

So there is a before and after shot. Obviously I am still tweaking it to try and get as much awesomesauce out of it as possible.

I want to know what YOU think! Leave me some comments below and you never know, your suggestion for a bright coloured unicorn could come to life.

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