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ANC Youth League Website Hacked – Julius Malema Steps Down

I must admit, this is fairly funny. Nice one bru!

ANC Youth League - Julius Malema Steps Down

So apparently our comrade old Julius Malema has stepped down. Cha that will be the day hey. But wait, that would lead to a duldrum of other boring political puppers coming in to replace our President of the Youth League. Oh no, silly me! I forgot about the rest of the ANC! Everyone calm down, crisis averted!

Good, now we can continue to have our leader Julius, or more commenly known as JuJu, can continue to make stupid statements about flying to the sun so that the rest of the world can laugh at us.

Good old Julius Malema will surely be back to his best in an attempt to try and shut down not just Twitter, but the entire internet now!

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