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Visualizing Alcohol Use

So we all know that when it comes to Thursday, that secretly the weekend begins. Life would not be the same without Phuza Thursday, and it just makes that week a bit more barable for those poor chops that are stuck in a crappy job like accounting. Shame.

If I was stuck in an uber kak job I would also turn to my good friend called Wellington. Yea, I am sure you have meet some of my other good friends like Carling, and Jose. Yea….you are good friends with them aren’t you? Naughty!

So I know all you statistical people out there like your numbers, but for those of you out there that prefer pretty colours and graphs and stuff here is an infographic for something that everyone loves: BOOZE!

Don’t forget its St Paddy’s day today! Time to get Slizzard!

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