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Appartantly a CNN reporter by the name of Rosemary Church laughed live on air with regards to the recent Tsunami that struck Japan this morning. She seemed to have a good giggle about her Twitter being “flooded with tweets” about the Tsunami which she found rather amusing. Sick puppy that one…

The backlash is quite hectic on twitter with people calling for her resignation and CNN have pulled her off the air with immediate effect. I don’t know if that is a permanent move but eish, that lady is not going to be very well liked after this! Somehow I don’t think a little public apology is going to save your career after this one Rose.

What a shame. She was a pretty betty. Oh well.

If you want to follow the lovely, now probably unemployed, Rosemary Church, you can simply click here to throw abuse her way!

I posted a live stream of the Earthquake/Tsunami earlier.

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