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So I like to moan, rant and especially rave about companies or brands that have failed me or just messed me around. With it being the festive season I thought I would stop being such a grumpy Captain Awesome and highly the AWESOMENESS that has been Chaos Computers recently!

Over the last couple of weeks they have been running a special where every day they have a different item on special. At the end of the special period (Today), they select a winner and one lucky person gets to take home a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab! Hmmm sexy….

chaos computers special

I am quite kitted out when it comes to hardware and toys, but one special grabbed my attention. R50 for a pair of headphones with a mic!? HAIBO I said to myself! This can’t be true! They must want me to come in store so that they can kidnap me! Then I saw that I could order online so I felt safer!

So anyways, I called a couple of my mates and told a few guys at work, and next thing I knew I was placing an order for 15 headsets! This was actually the second special for the day after their Xbox Arcade for R999 special flew out of stock within two hours! So two specials on one day and for only R50? I was lank impressed!

So I called ahead and made sure that they had stock of such a large order after it being at such a low price and they did. They kept my 15 aside for me and when I walked in, they were ready and waiting behind the counter! BAM!

I did have a problem with one of the headsets though and returned it the very next day. I walked in and said I had a problem, and before I knew it they had placed a new headset in my hands and taken the broken one. I didn’t have to show my slip, deal with fussy people or even explain what was wrong! It literally took me 30 seconds and I was out of there! I was HUGELY impressed! That is how you should do customer service! Quickly and painlessly.

So big up to Chaos computers for running an awesome innative and having fantastic pricing as well as great customer service!

P.S the headsets are still going strong with only one bad boy down!

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