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Mafia 2 Xbox 360 game review


Mafia 2 for the Xbox 360 is a well thought out game that makes you believe you are playing the actual life story of a 1950’s Mafioso on his way up in the illicit world of murder, drugs and paid protection.


- The story line is fantastic.
- Empire city looks amazing and it is thoroughly detailed.
- The combat system is very well designed (both melee and firearm).


- Very linear world – not much to do outside of missions.


You live the life of Empire City mobster Vito Scaletta who, after returning from the war, gets in touch with one of his old buddies Joe. He finds out that there have been some problems at home with bookies and that he needs money and he needs it quickly. Straight away he is hooked into the business and you play the role of Vito as he slowly climbs the ranks in the family with Joe.

Vito plays a great main character as he is constantly questioning the gang lifestyle. He is torn between keeping his family happy and the lavish party that is the life of a Mafioso’s. He knows the consequences but he’s in too deep to get out; the lifestyle has a firm grip on the once modest man. The mob life is a brutal cut-throat world, while you get the fast cars, guns and girls, your friends will turn on you in a second if the pay is right. Mafia 2 captures the life beautifully with a simple job of selling cigarettes turning into a city wide, guns-blazing car chase but the trilling story line and dramatic twists will keep you on the edge wanting to make you “take that chance”.  The game comes to a passionate and shocking end that might leave you a little disappointed, but is still a great ride that is well worth taking.

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The Missions

The level of the missions in Mafia 2 escalates pretty quickly from robberies with Joe, who is essentially your partner and sticks by your side throughout the game, to putting a bullet between someone’s eyes simply because someone told you to.  I thought that at places the game was maybe a little too challenging and could lead to the average gamer getting stuck having to replay missions a few times to get past. Even playing on medium I struggled quite a bit but while the missions get longer and longer, the game has a checkpoint save system so if you die you never really lose much progress. Although, in some cases the check points are a long time coming and it can get quite frustrating having to do long stretches of shooting and running for cover over and over.

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The downsides

Personally, I think the open world is entirely lacking of things to do which leads to the payphones and other markers to being a bit redundant. The cash system also seemed fairly poorly planned as it was very easy to get a huge hoard of cash, but at the same time, your enemies drop their weapons and ammo so you never had to buy anything. The only expense you really incurred was clothes but there wasn’t really much to choose from but they still made you feel like the real deal. The final thing I thought could have been improved slightly is when you are arrested you are given a choice between either bribing the officer or resisting arrest. It would have been nice to have a choice other than fighting or paying for your life.

The combat system was probably the facet of the game that boosted it above simply being another average game as once you get into some of the larger fights you can die very easily so it forces you to use the cover system in clever ways which I think made the game extremely realistic.

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A Small Glitch:

If you drive near people they dive out of the way but more often than not they end up committing AI suicide by diving the wrong way and straight into the front bumper. This is sometimes problematic if you are trying to lay low and a police car drives past as this happens which results in you becoming a wanted man once more.


Graphics – 8.8
Awesome scenery, great backdrops and landscapes, decent looking characters

Longevity – 6.5
Some long and tedious missions but overall the length of the game was too short.

Playability – 9.2
Extremely easy to master controls and great combat systems

Extras – 6.0
Not much apart from selling cars and buying guns which results in a slightly linear experience.

Overall – 7.6
Overall the game was a unique experience on the Mafia lifestyle and a very enjoyable experience. I would have enjoyed the missions being slightly longer with a few more extras to spice up the free roaming, but overall a worthwhile buy. You can pick it up from Exclus1ves online.

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