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Since I have joined ROI Media a few months ago, I have started to return to my pc roots by getting back into gaming. What gaming you may ask? Pc gaming my friend – and seriously at that.

At ROI Media we play Counter-Strike during lunch most days as well as very often after work while we wait for the traffic to die down. This has always been my favourite game and playing it so often again has lead me to reignite my passion for gaming and it really has got me burning to get back into things with a bang.

After having a LAN with a few mates I was hooked again. There was something missing however. I couldn’t work it out, but it didn’t quite feel like the old days. It turns out that I couldn’t satisfy my desire with the same old games.

I was missing something to match my new found vigour for gaming. I wanted to try new games, I wanted to play online and I wanted to play all types of games. Obviously this isn’t something that just anyone can do by going out and buying a load of games online, but then something truly majestic and beautiful happened.

When the guys over at Exclusives got hold of me I was a little confused. I thought that they were a book store, how could they help me with getting back into gaming? Well apparently, it turns out the book giant also has an online game store, and they were prepared to offer me some games. Dream. Come. True.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce the latest sponsor of Captain Awesome – Exclusive Games

exclusive games - pc games & xbox 360 games

They are looking to rectify the simple mistake that I made by thinking that they were only a one dimensional company only offering books. Pffft one product? For a company the size of Exclusives? You must be joking! I checked out their website and they sell books, games for all platforms, music, films and eBooks. Quite a selection they have actually, at some very ridiculous prices.

Exclusives are offering me the latest releases in return that I provide some top-notch game reviews, so that you guys out there know which games are worth buying, and which ones are not. No seriously, I actually get the latest games now for free. I am still in shock.

pc games logoxbox-360-games

I am going to be doing all of the latest pc games, while I have enrolled the help of a mate who is a seasoned Xbox 360 gamer to cover all of the latest Xbox 360 games for you. Cool? Flipping Awesome!

Keep your eyes open for the first review that comes YOUR way on Monday!

P.S Keep your eyes open on some outrageous specials coming first to you on Captain Awesome!

P.P.S Call of Duty: Black Ops was released yesterday!

This series of posts is proudly sponsored by Exclusives. To buy games online, simply visit Exclusives today!

exclusive games - pc games & xbox 360 games

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