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Quirk SEO Course – Assingment 5 Post

So we are into the second last assignment and as I am sure all of you have noticed I have really been enjoying the Quirk course. I have learnt a huge amount and I feel that for those trying to get a better understanding on how to make practical use of SEO skills, this is a great place to get going.

So what did we get down to in Assignment 5 in the Quirk SEO Course? This week it was all focused on a vital aspect of offsite SEO, and that is Link Building.

What is link building you might ask? Link building is essentially acquiring links that point to your domain, whether it is your home page or deeper pages. These links in search engine’s eyes count as a vote as such towards the validity or relevance of your site. This is an absolutely vital aspect of SEO in getting your site to rank well, and if this is done properly and efficiently, it can take a lot less effort than what can be imagined.

Part OneAnalyzing competitors and their backlinks

The first part of the assignment was a fairly simple part. We had to identify a site as our base point for the assignment and work out how many links were pointing to the home page, and then how many links went deeper down. That was very simple and there are a number of free, quick tools to obtain that data.

From there we had to analyze competitors and their backlinks. So we had to choose two competitor sites and calculate the number of links pointing to their home pages as well as their site in total. From there we had to identify four sites that linked back to our competitors that we would target to obtain links to our site from. We had to explain why we would go for these sites, what page we would place them on, where on that page, and with what anchor text we would use – all vital components of getting quality links and therefore quality rankings.

Part Two – Link building strategies

Part two was where the real fun and practical side came into things. The first part felt more theory based, while part two asked us to grab our link building efforts by the horns and have a full go at it. We had to come up with five tactics that we could use to increase links to our site. This could have been done in general, but since creativity is the best way forward, it required you to look at your site and try to think of some creative ways to obtain links. This was the biggest challenge and something that takes some thinking and planning before going forward.

We had to provide a discussion on what anchor text we would use and how we would go about obtaining these links. We also had to give our thoughts on what sort of content could be provided that would attract more links.

All in all, this assignment was again a very practical hands-on approach to a very important aspect of SEO. I feel the assignment could have focused a little bit more on stressing the importance of quality over quantity rather, and the fact of optimizing a link is quite important. Never the less, it was still a fantastic resource and provided valuable information with a great opportunity to apply the knowledge learnt in the module to an actual site.

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