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So another week has come and gone, and that means that another assignment in the Quirk SEO Course has passed by. We are now into the second half of the course and things are heating up quite nicely. Once again the really awesome thing about this assignment was that it was not just taught to you through the notes, but the assignment is very practical and hands on, and therefore you learn an absolute bucket load. There is nothing better than hands on practical experience.

So what did we get up to this week? This week went a little bit further than the traditional on-site optimisation and dived right into the more recent realm of content optimisation with a focus on social interaction. We were asked to take on the roll of optimisation for a local nightclub based in Cape Town. The assignment was split up into two parts and away we went!

Part one – Local listings and mobile (600 words)

Part one was something that I hadn’t given much thought to before the Quirk course - the power of local listings as well as the power of the mobile user. We were asked how we would go about optimising the website to make sure that the nightclub would obtain a local listing as well as rank well for it. Basically what a local listing is, is a listing that determines companies or services that are within a specific region that your search is based around. So if you searched for “nightclub Cape town“, or any variances of that, we were meant to get our imaginary nightclub ranking number one for that. A local listing will also provide directions to your company and list the physical address. Example

So how do you get your company a local listing? I can’t give away all the secrets, but the most important aspect is to have your physical address where your customer base can go clearly visible and prominent on your website. Then obviously next is the keywords that you want your local listing to rank for such as “nightclub cape town” or something of the likes.

We also had to provide ways for how we were going to maximise those that wanted to find out information about the club via their mobile phone. Party goers might be out and about and looking for a new place to go, and with only their mobile phone at hand, we had to provide a strategy that was going to make sure that our nightclub grabbed their attention and left the competition in the dust – it was mobile search time. With mobile users, they generally are not searching for information, but they rather have a very specific goal in mind, and they want to complete that goal as quickly as possible. The average phone is not as powerful as a computer in terms of navigation ability so you really need to provide all the information that you can as fast as you can, within a website that as many phones can handle as possible. You also need to clearly define that the site is a mobile site and therefore have a separate URL for it – something like or Many pundits have tipped mobile usage and mobile search to be the next big thing, so this is a vital step in getting ahead of your competition.


Part Two – Video Search (400 words)

We were then told that the nightclub often has big events involving celebrities and to maximize publicity they filmed these events. The challenged posed to us was to maximize the video’s that they had, and to increase publicity. I mean who doesn’t want to go to a nightclub that regularly has big celebrities present? Our job was to get the message out their and provide the video evidence of the massive parties with celebrities present. We had to showcase how we planned to optimise the video for search traffic, as well as how we would just generally market the nightclub using these videos. We had to delve into how we would optimise the meta data, the file name, as well as how we would structure the text around the video. Since search engine spiders can’t read or understand the content of the video, you need to provide as much information in as many different ways possible. Something that many won’t know, is that you can create a video sitemap which helps the spiders crawl all of your videos and index them. Another ranking factor for video search is the level of engagement. How were we going to get engagement and interaction with the community through these videos? Also, were subtitles needed and how do we optimise those.

As you can see, this weeks assignment dives into aspects that many don’t even think about when it comes to marketing their company online. So many night clubs don’t have websites, never mind sites that are optimised with video, local listings and a mobile version of their website.

Don’t forget to check out assignment 1, 2 and 3!

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