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Quirk SEO Course – Assignment 3

My apologies for this post being slightly behind schedule, but I have had an absolutely manic week which resulted in me almost missing out on handing in assignment 3 in the lovely Quirk SEO course, but due to some serious power typing, I managed to get it in, and I think on time as well.

It seems as if there is a consistent trend as each week the tasks get more in-depth and much tougher like I mentioned last week in assignment 2. Not to worry, as we all enjoy a challenge, and especially when it involves a field that you enjoy, such is the case with this course and SEO.

So what did we get up to this week?

The Brief

This week focused on keyword research, as well as how to effectively implement keywords into your onsite copy based upon the keyword research that you performed. I particularly enjoyed this week as again it is a practical part of SEO, and the task was actually fairly difficult. We were handed the task of compiling keyword research for a fictional company called “Mzansi Couriers”. It was both made harder and easier by this as you had no content or anything to go on, but on the other hand, it did give you the scope to be quite creative which could have helped some students, but also be a stumbling block for others.

The Keywords

We had to compile a list of around 20-25 keywords to use for the site in general, but these keywords also had to be spread out across four pages. We then had to decide which keywords would belong to which page as well as provide the local keyword volume for South Africa since it was a local company I actually found this part quite difficult, and quite a contrast to assignment one. The four pages that we had to focus on were:

  • Home Page
  • International Deliveries
  • Overnight Deliveries
  • Normal Deliveries

I found this to be quite a good exercise to pick keywords for a company that you actually had no idea about, or any examples of what they do. It really makes you do your research properly and think about the product at hand. With a company that you understand what they do, you already have an idea of what keywords would work and what won’t, but with this, I basically had to go only on research and what returned the best results after researching and brain storming.

Writing a masterpiece

The second part of the assignment was a little more creative, but still practical. I loved this part as it allowed you to actually implement your thinking and research into the content of one of the four pages. It allowed you to pick a tactic in your keyword research and then implement it how you had imagined. I also really enjoy writing which made this part of the assignment rather fun for me. I also found this to be a little challenging as it is quite difficult to make a courier company seem exciting as well as attempting to build brand loyalty and meet the users goals at the same time. However, I think I got there in the end, and if I do say so myself, I think Mzansi couriers would have to expand after having such an aggressive keyword strategy matched only by the awesomeness of the content provided for the home page ;)

Now onto assignment four which is an extension of onsite content optimization. I just realized that we are now half way through the Quirk SEO Course

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