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Quirk SEO Course – Assignment Two

In my quest in Educating Myself as much as possible, I have reached the end of week two of the Quirk SEO course. I will tell you about the content that was covered, the features I liked, and what I got for the first assignment on the course!

As you can imagine, the second week of the Quirk SEO course started to heat things up. Welcome to the big league boys and girls – this is the stage where your knowledge is tested and you really start to learn mounds of information, but more importantly, this is where you really start to start to turn information into knowledge.

The second assignment required us to do a full site audit in terms of SEO. This alone was tricky, but what made this even more difficult was that we were only allowed to write up to 1500 words, which when it comes to a site audit there is not very much room to cover things in detail. We were asked to look at the following areas:

  • The importance of a site audit
  • Links and Navigation
  • Sitemaps
  • Crawability
  • User Experience
  • Onsite SEO

There were sub-sections covering those obviously with more information provided to help steer you in the right direction, but those essentially are the sections, and what we had to focus on. The website that we were given to focus on was the perfect candidate for a site audit for those only on the second week of the course. It had some glaring errors, but also had some hidden gems allowing those willing to look for them and go that bit further to find them.

At the end, we had to supply key changes that we would make to the site which was actually a lot of fun as it allowed us to reshape the structure of the website into our very own SEO masterpiece. It also gave us the practice experience of how to look at a website and identify mistakes and things forgotten which I felt was invaluable – hands on experience.

Chat Room

Something that I thought that was excellent during week two was the chat room on Wednesday between 12 and 2. It was an opportunity for all students to log in, and chat live to Quirk’s Head of SEO, Liam Gibbs, as well as the lovely Dianne Shelton. Students could ask their questions with regards to the second assignment and got an informed experience answer in reply, which I thought was great. Some of the questions that were being asked were fantastic, and those two hours are an absolute treasure chest of valuable information. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s session, and I have my questions lined up!

First Assignment Marks

Right, onto the section that I am sure you are desperate to know – my marks for the first assignment. I was actually very disappointed with my mark, but in the end I theoretically have only myself to blame. I was sick during that weekend, and therefore didn’t manage to finish the assignment before the deadline. Eventually I was fighting fit on the Monday, and managed to get it to Dianne during the late afternoon, and she very generously only took off 10%. That was not an ideal way to start the course, but I got my mark back today, and I still managed to score 77%. Not bad seeing as I would have gotten 87% if I had got my act together and completed the assignment earlier in the week. The average for the first assignment was 81%, so I was content with my result. So far I have 9.24% with the first assignment counting 12% of our mark for the course.

I was much more excited about this assignment after the first week of the SEO course started off a little bit slowly for my liking ;)

If anyone else is doing the course, please feel to leave your thoughts below! I would love to know what you think of the course, and how you found the assignments!

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