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So OpenWeb have just thrown a sucker punch out there to a lot of ISP’s in South Africa. They have just launched ADSL packages at R19 per GB. It is absolutely amazing to see how broadband has developed in recent years from prices going from R70/GB to R19/GB! That is a remarkable change that South Africa has seen in the capped broadband market. I always thought that the uncapped market was not a sustainable one, but the real race was to see who could gain the market share in the capped internet arena! OpenWeb looks like it has more than one foot in the door!

Here is the email that I received minutes ago:

Hey Friends,

With great excitement, and years of planning, we have finally launched our brand new R19 per GB ADSL accounts.

These accounts run on a SAT3 / Seacom blended bandwidth solution, allowing reliability if the Seacom cable decides to go down again.

You may use a Credit Card to purchase accounts bigger than 3GB, and EFT for accounts smaller. All credit card purchases will automatically subscribe you to a credit order, which will make monthly payments a breeze, as money will automatically be deducted from your card until you cancell.

The service is slightly shaped on P2P and torrents, but will mostly not be noticed.

Uncapped is great, but the limitations placed on users are becoming increasingly harsh. Affordable Per GB ADSL packages will see an up surge again in the near future as big companies start to oversubscribe their IPC links,’says Keoma Wright, Founder of

For more information on these packages, kindly visit:

Kind regards
Keoma Wright

I still maintain that MWeb suck! What are your thoughts on all of the happenings in the broadband/bandwidth arena in South Africa?

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