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So lately I have been so busy I barely had time to remember my own name. Things did not get any easier last week with the start of the Quirk SEO course that I am doing. Like I mentioned in my last post – Educating Myself – I am attempting to s t r e t c h myself to the limit in a quest to gain as many new skills as I can by the end of the year.

So Week One was down, and as always, the first week is normally a soft introduction to those fairly new to the subject. This course was no different and the first assignment was split into two short introductory sections, but what I found interesting was that the first part was more aimed at the learner. It attempted to get to know them and find out their motivations behind the course and what they were hoping to get out of it. A smart move by Quirk as they can then ear mark any potential super stars in the making and then watch their progress even more closely in an attempt to scout the best talent. Smart one Quirk ;)

Quirk EducationThe second section of the assignment dived into the more expected realm of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and asked you to explain SEO as if you were telling your Grandmother about it for the first time. I actually found that fairly challenging as there was a word limit imposed on the entire assignment and it was not very generous. When you have been dealing with SEO for a while, or I guess most subjects that you become well versed in, you start to omit the small details as simple and unnecessary, but if you had to explain what it is to someone you would need these details. With this being my first year out of school and most people surprised that I am not studying (the traditional university way) they ask what I am doing, and when I reply that I am an Online Marketer, or Search Engine Optimiser, they always want to know more, so I was actually fairly well practiced at giving a short overview of how things work. This time I had to say a little bit more than I make that website come up first in Google – not quite that simple :P

So far I am impressed with the online portal that it seems that Quirk have developed their selves. It is slick, fast, and neatly laid out. I have had not a slight problem in trying to find things or manage my way around things, but I can imagine someone not so computer illiterate attempting to upload their assignments etc, but then on the other hand, they are probably not looking to do a course in an area that Quirk operates in.

All in all, good fun so far, and I have received the second assignment, so look out for some clues and thoughts on the course in the coming days! Keep your eye out for other awesome Quirk Courses in eMarketing.

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