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Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has arrived. The moment is upon us where the whole of the local blogosphere turns franetic in the hope of getting their act together.

I present to you, the South African Blog Awards 2010.

This is a prestigous event in the South African geek calender. A time when all of us turn into crazy, mad, raving lunatics in the off chance that we can scrammble together enough votes to get nominated for an award that all South African bloggers are after. This year is no different than those before with all bloggers stratergizing their campaigns, how their stratergies were going to outperform the rest and how they could come out trumphs this year.

I eagerly watched the blog awards last year and I knew from that moment on that I was going to enter this time around and see what my baby could do after only being just one year old. Now is not the time though to delve into such matters and shamelessly get onto my knees to beg for your vote. That will come later.

For now, I merely wanted to introduce the awards to you and let you know that it is hunting season again for those valued votes. Your twitter stream will get clogged up with the SA Blog Awards, and I am sure your Facebook and email will be jammed with messages from friends asking for your vote.

I merely warn you, that with just over a week to go, things are going to get messy. Now is the time when bloggers will stop at nothing to shamelessly steal your vote from you emploring any tactic they can to obtain it. They will be prepared to pry it from your cold lifeless keyboard that they relentlessly cut the cord on.

Ladies and Gentleman, the South African Blog awards are now in bloody hunting season.

(Feel free to willingly part with your vote now before I have to pry it from you later. Simply click on the banner on the right hand side. Much appreciated :) )

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