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Africa, and South Africa in particular, has been crying out for decent internet access for years. It has been too long that, as a country, we have been developing at such a rapid rate, but without the same rate of growth in terms of connectivity and technology.

Steps are finally being taken to remedy this problem though. With the launch of the SEACOM cable last year, bandwidth issues have been a thing of the past. We have seen bandwidth prices plummet from R70/GB to as little as R14/GB lately. Times are certainly changing and we are moving in the right direction. With the launch of the EASSY cabling system last month, another route has been established to Europe providing Africa with an abundunce of bandwidth. Some might say that we are now saturated with the amount of bandwith in the country with the number fast approaching 5TB per second, but many disagree with the view point saying that they are needing to make up for lost time.

This weekend saw the next step in the process to put Africa on par with the rest of the globe in terms of internet technology – the arrival of 10Mbps ADSL speeds. Telkom were set to roll the speed upgrade out to no more than 20 000 subscribers across the country, and it looks as if I was part of the lucky few – for a while at least.

I have been keeping a very close eye on when the line speeds would be upgraded and have regularly done speed tests to determine if my line speed has changed. Alas, I was finally met you great happiness on Saturday morning when I ran the following speed test:

10Mb adsl technology finally released in south africa

Yes folks, as I was astonished as you were. I hit 13.43Mb/s. I actually sat there for a moment in absolute marvel. Just admiring the number and how things have changed from a few years ago when I was sitting with 512Kb/s. How times have changed.

Has anyone else experienced speeds close to this? Let me know!

** Please note that I could not achieve this speed for any other speed tests and therefore am lead to think that my exchange was rather only temporarily upgraded and tested rather than set to 10Mb permanently. I will keep you updated. I am also aware that my upload speed is well below what it should be during the above speed test.

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