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So I decided that I would give you a quick run down of what happened during my second day at ROI Media.

The traffic was horrible this morning, but I *just* managed to make it in on time and got going straight away. I didn’t even have time to check any emails or my iGoogle and I was called into a meeting with the Sales team.┬áThe meeting was just an introduction into what the sales team does and how they do it. It was very short and sweat, but still really valuable.

There was not too much excitement throughtout the rest of the morning as I had a few things that I needed to tackle myself in an attempt to learn and grow my knowledge. I got things done, did a bit of research and just generally got on with things.

The big surprise of the day actually popped up during lunch time. A Counter-Strike server popped up, and the next thing I knew, most of the office, including the Big Boys, were playing! I actually couldn’t believe it! CS has to be my favourite games of all time, and the fact that a game popped up without me being instrumental was awesome! Also the fact that the bosses were jamming along was even cooler, and you could hear the laughter and screams of anguish coming from their offices throughout the game!

Unfortunately for me, I was a bit more disciplined than I had expected and finished a few personal things that I had planned to do during my lunch break, and I actually got them done, so I was feeling pretty chuffed, but also a bit bummed out as I had missed the game! Don’t worry boys, I will be in the action tomorrow, and you all better be prepared!

So Day 2 is done and dusted and I am still surviving. I think I managed to keep up with the standard that I set yesterday, and my goal for tomorrow is to push that standard a little higher.

I will let you know how many times I take down the bosses tomorrow ;)

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