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New Junior Online Marketer at ROI Media

I understand that I have not blogged in ages while my hosting and website issues were sorted out, and you might be wondered what this post is about after reading the title.

Allow me to fill you in.

As you are well aware, that while my blog might have been down, life keeps on going. While I was not posting, I had decided that I needed a change from Tamar. I loved every minute there, but I wanted to expand my horizon and see if I could start climbing the proverbial ladder of the working world.

Interview at ROI

Well doing my standard reading on the industry and trying to learn as much as possible in my free time. I came across the ROI Media website. I had come across it a number of times and read all of the blog posts, but once again I found myself searching through it once more.

I found the free website health check contact form and thought I would give it a go. There was nothing I could lose from it right? Nothing to lose definitely, but it appeared everything to gain!

They got back to me asking what I would like to be checked out, and I didn’t understand their response. I thought that I had read the website wrong, so went back trying to find the page again, and stumbled across the jobs page while doing so. I emailed Sebastian back providing him with the info he needed, and I also dropped in a slightly sneaky question, and politely asked him who would be the best person to send my CV to at ROI Media.

I got a reply at 1:30pm from Lisa saying that the final group interview was at 3pm that day! I had to be there or I would miss out on even getting an interview! I made it, although around 10minutes late thanks to traffic, but I still managed to land the job!

Ladies and Gentleman, you are looking at the latest Junior Online Marketer at ROI Media.

My first day

Today was my first day and it was awesome! It was the first day of the month so things were a little frantic with planning and reporting, but hopefully over the next few days I will get to meet the team properly. I am going to be trained by Jonothan and Matthew and both of them seem like great guys.

All in all, it is a great place to work, and I am hoping that I can impress them and sweep them off my feet! I am looking forward to the months ahead!

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