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Yes, you read that title correctly! I AM BACK!

I understand that I have failed miserably on my goal of trying to blog daily to in an attempt to try and get nominated for an SA Blog Award. My goal still stands, but I am going to make a slight change. I am not going to blog daily, but I am rather going to focus on giving you loving readers only a few articles a week, but rather posts of a high quality.

I am getting a much better response from articles that I sit down and plan along with doing a little bit of research. I rather want to give you something that is going to be of value to you rather than just passing along news that you can find anywhere.

So after my hosting issues I have finally managed to get things up and running. I will do a blog post depicting my experiences and difficulties in doing my first host transfer for all of my domains.

Also, look forward to a new domain that I will hopefully be able to release at the end of the week!

I am back, and hopefully it is with a bang! I have quite a few exciting ideas going on which I will be able to execute within the next few months, so stay tuned!

Until then, Dans Dans Dans

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