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Purely for the fact that Lynsay is going to be extremely cross with me if I don’t do this before, but I must make a disclaimer that this is not really my idea, but rather borrowed from a friend without permission. Thanks Lynsay! :)

Aah, Mr Benjizzle. Yes, that is what I am calling you from now on, just deal with it. You must now accept the fact that life, is slowly (extremely slowly might I add), coming to a grinding hault. The life is draining from you, I and those around us, while we ride into the Sunset. Aah, the joyous times we have shared, and memories we have created! What a fantastic time we have had my friend.

There were moments when my side begged in agony for me to stop laughing, and I was held randsom for air by your jokes. There were also the many moments of awkward jokes shared, were neither of us quite got what the other was saying, or the ridiculous arguments we shared, purely to disagree with the other for some entertainment. These, my friend were the glorious day. Now, as I write this I reminious on those stupendous days my good friend. The days were I had to see your face every morning in almost every class.

Now, my friend, we have come to a very special time in our lives. You are on your last breath, your last steps, your last moments, of being 18 AND IT”S TIME TO CELEBRATE!!!



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