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What’s that? Yes? You want to what? You want to go to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Aah, don’t we all (daydreams of such blissful moments).

Wait… That reminds me. You actually can. With Kia who has “The Power to Surprise”. See what I did there? Ja, I know you like it. Gosh, don’t distract me like that. Back to the juicy details!

“The Kia Experience is a global campaign whereby 12 bloggers from across the world have been invited to travel to South Africa for 4 adventure filled days which includes a ticket to watch a 2010 FIFA World Cup ™ game and a Kia test drive to Magaliesburg with Kia’s latest surprise.

You are probably thinking, “Hmmm now that sounds pretty decent”. Decent is not the word I would use, but rather AWESOME! A chance to experience the greatest showpiece on Earth in our native South Africa for FREE as well as testing out the awesome Kia … Aah…I almost gave it away there! Naughty!

That definitely sounds like the Kia Experience is going to rock your socks right off!

Ok, OK! Enough of me giving you the boring details of how you can also win a Sony Cybershot Camera, and a copy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ South Africa PS3 EA Game.

Instead, why don’t you head off to the Kia competition page and get entering! Go, go, GO!

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