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This is a plee to help save something of beauty in Cape Town: The Cape Town Ballet

The Cape Town Ballet has really been struggling of late, and many think that Ballet is a dying art form. It has definitely taken a back seat with kids becoming far lazier in recent years, and with the invention of new technology and gaming consoles, kids are not bothered about becoming active and embracing such an art form.

Kids today would rather sit on their behind and play video games or watch TV than take on such a beautiful thing as dance in general. With this, the Cape Town Ballet has started to suffer, and they are in serious financial support.

This is not something that can just disappear and be forgotten. This is an art form, and something that is beautiful, delicate, elegant and something that needs to be preserved at all costs. I would go further than saying this is just a hobby or sport for some, but rather an educational experience watching Ballet.

I am a guy and do not particularly find any interest in Ballet, but I still think it is an awesome thing. Such grace and elegance is required, and it can educate you in the art of hard work, discipline and fill your life with colour and beauty.

Here is my request:

I challenge and beg you to donate towards this worthy cause. Save the Cape Town Ballet, and save a piece of Cape Town’s beautiful heritage, and provide people with the avenue to express theirselves.

save the cape town ballet

I challenge you to match my donation of R100! The bigger the better! We are looking for 100 000′s of Rands, so we really do need some big donations!

It really is simple to donate, and you can win some great prizes!


  • 24 Bottles of wine, kindly donated by Michael Oliver, along with 3 signed
    copies of his books.

Those are some wicked prizes!

In order for you to stand a chance of winning one of these prizes, you
should email us at and provide your name,
contact details and the amount donated. All emails received will be placed into a
random draw, to be held on Tuesday, 4 May 2010.

Entries need to be in by Friday, 30 April 2010.

Please help save the Cape Town Ballet, and ensure that they can continue to provide us with entertainment and something of absolute beauty.

To Donate:

Cheques should be made out to:
PO Box 94, RONDEBOSCH 7701

For direct internet transfers:
Branch code: 123 209
Account no: 123 200 8842
Reference: Name + JM1

Don’t forget to include the reference number as that is a why for them to check which site the user found the article on. Please note I do not earn any commision, but instead if my site donates the most, then I could win an iPad.

I am NOT doing this for the money or fame, but rather to help save the Cape Town Ballet.

A BIG shout out must go to for sponsoring an awesome iPad 16gb!!

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