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So I have some fairly exciting news for all of you. You all might have heard me over the last two weeks saying that I might go to the UK, and over the last two weeks I have been in the process of organising this and it seems that as of yesterday it is confirmed.

So I will be living in the UK for just over a year from the start of September. I will be staying in London,but I am not sure where exactly yet. I will probably try and stay in a flat with someone, but I really am not sure.

I know that this will be the first that you will hear of this and I think some of my friends will be a bit pissed at this, but hey, I felt I would rather break the news to all and attempt to make sure that no one felt left out or told after someone else.

So yea. I will be gone for about 15 months and I will be back some time in December it seems.

Any questions feel free to leave a comment or what not. Hopefully this doesn’t take people too much by surprise.

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