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So a few weeks ago I pleaded with you that “Captain Awesome Needs Your Support” in an attempt to get someone to help sponsor me the needed funding so that I could take part in the Quirk eMarketing course.

Guess who pulled through!? Quirk in connection with Get Smarter!

I was over joyed when Lyndi from Quirk got hold of me to talk about offering me sponsorship! I was over the moon really! Not only did they help me to do the course but they have provided the course free of charge to me! WOOHOO! I was really worried that the guys over at Quirk were going to milk the oppurtunity to take advantage of someone really in debt to them, but when I asked what was expected of me in the course, they simply told me to do the best that I could. I was actually a bit shocked to here that they did not even want to me to come into the office for a bit and help out some way but hey, I am grateful and that is why I am writing this!

Without the help of Quirk and Get Smarter I would not have been able to do the course and I really am thankful that they have provided me with this awesome oppurtunity.

I am pretty sure they are keeping an eye on my progress and hopefully I am doing a good enough job. I am one of 8 I think that have got 100% so far. This was only for the initial quiz from the first week but hey, I guess it still counts. I handed in my first assignment today which was really interesting!

We had to write a page of copy for Sabi Sabi game reserve and implement all the aspects of copy writing that we learned from the first module. The second part of the assignment was an 800 word research essay where I chose to talk about the Internet combining with Entrepeneurship. I really enjoyed that topic as it is one that I have often thought about, so in the end 800 words was not nearly enough!

I just want to say a big thanks to Quirk and Get Smarter! Don’t forget to follow them on twitter! @quirkeducation and @getsmarter. You can also follow the founder of Get Smarter and Quirk by going to @sampaddock and @robstokes respectively!

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