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So as I said previously, my aim is to be involved somehow with the SA blog awards this year, and to do this I was going to try and post daily. Unfortunately with work this has slipped lately as I have been hecticly busy and not had the time or energy to do any posts!

I am struggling! So please bare with me as I continue my efforts to post daily as well as keep you entertained! I know I need to write some more entertaining, interesting and engaging content, and I promise that will come as soon as I can find some time! Hopefully I can clear out a backlog of posts for the week ahead and that will take care of things!

If I don’t post enough for your liking let me know! Or if you are not interested in reading a long post, then you can follow captain awesome on twitter!

Sorry my precise readers, but I will try make more of an effort over the next few weeks!

Also feel free to drop me any news you feel worthy of a blog post, by emailing me on info[at] or on twitter @jbigmac

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