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Ladies, Gentlemen, even your cats and other furry animals, I request your help!

I have been working fairly hard on establishing Captain Awesome over the last few months, and I must thank you for your amazing support. It has been through the support and help you ladies and gentlemen that keeps me going and driving that passion to blog and succeed at it (well at least try to!).

Here is where I ask for your support once again! A couple of weeks ago, I had a bet with a work mate of mine where the first one to 50 fans for their blog got lunch bought for them! The only reason I got a chicken sandwhich was because of the awesome support that you guys showed for Captain Awesome!

So once again I ask for your support again! Please spread the news about my site, and try and promote it as if it was your own! After all, I do this for you guys and in an attempt to empower the local blogosphere. I would love to reach 500 fans, but for now I am aiming to reach just 100! That is just 30 more people than current!

I know with your help we can do this together! Send your friends to the following link:


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