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So on Saturday evening we celebrated the birthday of the company, Tamar, which turned 15. We celebrated it by going on the Peroni Yacht  from the V&A Waterfront around the coastline and stopping at Clifton, where the Cape Talk moonstruck concert was happening. It was a vibe and a really enjoyable experience. I took a few pictures, but unfortunately it is only with my phone so please bare with me.

Please enjoy the awesome vibe that is Cape Town.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Tamar Yacht PicTamar Yacht Pic 2

Tamar Yacht Pic 3Tamar Yacht Pic 4

Tamar Yacht Pic 5Tamar Yacht Pic 6

Tamar Yacht Pic 7Tamar Yacht Pic 8

Tamar Yacht Pic 9Tamar Yacht Pic 10

Tamar Yacht Pic 11

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