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So as I mentioned the other day that Locnville was playing at Ivy League last night, and now I have the update for you!

What a vibe! The entire evening was a success. There were two floors, and both of them were absolutely jam packed!

The music was amazing. Not just Locnville, but all the DJ’s playing before. I got there at about 21:30, and just chilled and appreciated the talents of the DJ’s on show, and oh how my ears melted to the sounds that were put before me.

We headed downstairs to the much bigger area where the stage was, and my ears were spoilt once again. Pascal and Pearce were amazing! The crowd was so confused as to whether they should jam along to the awesome beats or save themselves for Locnville. Needless to say, most ended up giving in to the crazy sounds of Pascal and Pearce.

The atmosphere was awesome the entire night. Their was an expectation that all who attended were going to be graced with a magical experience, and why certainly were not let down!

Pascal and Pearce were laying down the foundations with some awesome tracks and remixes, but also were tempting the crowd by throwing in their own Locnville remixes. They built the atmosphere up extremely well, and the place was buzzing!

I only have one criticism for Locnville. They started their set off extremely slowly. They looked very amped and excited, but it took a while for the crowd to start to pick up their vibe and follow along. Locnville started with a few remixes which were met with very mixed reactions. I think a lot of people were expecting more traditional Locnville music, and didn’t know whether to embrace the remixes or to storm the bar once more.

Credit must go where credit is due though. Locnville picked up on this, and decided to pull out the stops! “Sun in my Pocket”, and “6 Second Poison” certainly helped people make up their minds, and before I knew it, the entire place was packed and jamming like there were a group of world superstars on stage. There was only one difference. Their performance did actually make them look like world superstars. They might not have reached those heights yet, but I would be willing to lay down everything I have to show you how confident I am that they are going to make it, and make it BIG!

If you are looking to experience their vibe, be sure to check out their two singles, “Sun In My Pocket“, as well as, “6 Second Poison“.

Here are a few pictures that I managed to grab, but unfortunately the quality is horrible. Still feel free to check them out. Just click on them to view the full size images.

Locnville @ Ivy League 1

Locnville @ Ivy League 2

Locnville @ Ivy League 3

Locnville @ Ivy League 4

Big up to Ilan at Ivy League for organising those tickets for me! It was an extremely well organised gig and a great success! I am seriously looking forward to more raucous evenings partying it up at Ivy League!

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