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So like I mentioned yesterday, I have been so busy that I have neglected my readers, and I said it before, and I am going to say it again: I am sorry.

The reason that I have been so busy this year is because I am EMPLOYED! Yes, you heard me BIATCHES!! I am now officially a working man.

I have only been at the company for two weeks but I am really enjoying it so far! It has been such a change for me. There is now no second chances really. They expect things done well, and done quickly. I miss the tiny work load and hours of school now.

What am I actually doing? I am the newest addition to the links team, so you could call me a Link Builder. Well, actually that is exactly what I am. I am doing marketing for the internet. Not the most intellectually challenging, but still fun so far.

We have an open office so I am really learning a lot from the search guys, the analytics team, as well as from the copy writers, and just from the general working environment. It has been fantastic so far, and I am loving it! I am just struggling with the hours. I am battling to concentrate for the full 8 hours every day, and it is not like school with nice little breaks in between, but I guess I will get used to the hours once I have been there a while.

In my first week I actually placed quite well. In the office quiz that we have every week, I placed 10th out of 16, which I think is quite good. There were three quiz’s: one on the history of Tamar, one on search, and the other on social media. Bearing in mind I took the first test after being at work on my first day for not even five minutes, so I think I did really well. Tanya, the CEO, was really pleased with my results so hopefully I can get into her good books and get noticed. ;)

In my first two weeks as a link builder I just missed out on my target. I was told to get two links in my first week, which I did. Then in my second week, I was told to get 15. They told me they didn’t expect me to get that, but I got 14 which I was really pleased with! They gave me a target of 50 links for my first month which is the same as one member of the links team already! I have 16 in total so far so I am really going for it! I want to surprise them all and get my target of 50, and give them a bit of a shock.

I am really pleased were things are right now though. It is a young office, and the links team is all below the age of 25, so I fit in quite nicely. They are all very friendly and energetic so it really is the environment and company that I was looking for! Actually, it is more than what I was looking for!

The pay is also A LOT more than I was expecting to earn, so I am winning on all fronts with this job so far!

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