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Lately I have not posted very much or provided you with many scintalating stories of major scandal or severe misconduct by anyone, and for that I am sincerely sorry.

I have neglected you, my readers, and it is something I am not proud of, but it is not because I am over blogging, or anything of the sorts. I have had so much to chat about lately, I just have had no time to do so! Life has been absolutely crazy lately! It has actually been scarilly frantic.

But here is where the corner turns. Normally the SA Blog Awards are held in about April, and I know that is actually very, very close, but I am not going to let that stop me. I had a goal when I started this site that I wanted to feature in the Blog Awards this year, no matter what for. I just wanted to gain some recognition for a passion of mine, even if it was just a mention, nevermind an actual award.

So from today, the effort is being put in. I am starting my mission of attempting to get that recognition that I want, and to do that, I am going to start blogging DAILY. Even if it is just a tiny post saying how my day is going for example, but I fell that the only way that I am going to get a loyal reader base is if I actually start putting more effort into this, and what better way than to blog daily.

The reason I haven’t been doing any posts of late is because I have been swamped. This year has started at such a hectic pace that I have had barely any time for myself, and to think. I am proud to anounce that I have a job. A full time one at that, so my asperations of working this year are going according to plan. Not just going according to plan- they have actually passed my expectations. I am working for the #1 Digital Agency in the UK, namely Tamar.

I am in the Cape Town office and am doing link building. I have only just recently started there, but look out for more news to follow soon.

I will do a proper post giving you all the low down of what it is that I do and so forth really soon. Also stay tuned for some other exciting news that I simply have just not had time to tell you!

My soon-to-be-brother-in-law has won for the past two years, and I am determined to try and give him a run for his money this year. Game on!

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