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So I am unfortunately still stuck with my failing piece of Japanese enginering, namely the Nokia N78. As I mentioned in my GIGANTIC RANT, I am nowhere near satisfied with the phone and things just keep getting progressively worse.

I have some new additions to add to that huge list of failings: The phone now just brings up its own menus. It just will randomly press buttons by itself. Fortunately it has not dialed or smsed any one yet, but it keeps unlocking and locking the phone, bringing up the main menu, and continuesly thinks I am plugging in some handset and asks me to confirm what is connected. The back cover has also fallen off and broken now.

It is really just a pile of absolute C.R.A.P.

But then I got a pleasant surprise and I felt like a 6 year old on the morning of Christmas. I saw Rafiq was running a competition to win an OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner! This bad boy is one of the first phones in the country to run the Android mobile operating system. Stoked! I have seriously been wanting to test the system, and with this phone being opensource as well it just gets better!

So here I am, on my kness, bowing before you Rafiq, begging, pleading, willing to sacrifice a small animal if it means I get that phone! Put me out of my painful, tourcherous stay with the phone! PLEASE!

/pathetic, shameless begging

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