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WARNING: This is a serious RANT!


<rant> I have had enough of this piece of absolute rubbish! My Nokia N78 should be in the bin, but instead I am stuck using this pile of *!%@!!%#%. I should have tossed it like a man holding a live hand grenade, but instead I idiotically place it back in my pocket waiting for my impending death due to frustration and my stress levels rising to such a significant level that I keel over from the most gigantic heart attack this planet has ever witnessed.

This has to be the worst phone I have ever used. I have used many Nokia’s before and found them to be very nice phones. They have had great usability, functionality and everything about them made me want to stick with a Nokia for my next phone.

This phone how ever has been a nightmare. First of all, the Symbian operating system I am finding horrible. I wonder if it is merely the version used on this phone, but I am really am not finding the layout very productive, and rather an effort to do things. There are some many buttons to be pressed to do simple things.

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This phone also does not integrate very well with the Internet. The built in browser is EXTREMELY slow and often crashes. I want a phone that can quickly get me onto facebook and twitter without any effort. I want to post photo’s onto Flickr within seconds and maybe even be able to write a blog post from the phone. I want something with a social media and business focus.

This phone does have a fairly big screen, but I really want a touch screen in my next phone. I am hoping that it will be much faster to navigate on a touch screen, as well as type. The N78 is not too easy for that, and the keys are absolutely tiny! You almost have to have midget hands to be able to type a message without mkaign a spllign mistke. Also, when I do make a mistake, which is more often than not, I have to move my entire hand into an extremely uncomfortable position, almost drop the phone, and proceed to press the clear button which is in the bottom right hand corner. Who the hell puts the clear button out of normal reach!? Is it a ploy to make you drop the phone more often so that you have to buy another phone sooner? I highly doubt that as I have barely dropped this phone and it is acting as if it is on its last legs like it’s been through World Wars as well as many battles with evil Nazi’s and little secret Asian assassins in Vietnam!

When I do actually manage to type a message without spending half an hour after making so many typing mistakes, the message fails to send. It is not that the network is down. My airtime is stilled chowed like a scavenger looking for its first meal within days. I have to resend it again for it to work after clearing out my outbox. Oh wait. That means I have to type the message again! Joy!

But I can only get that far if the battery hasn’t died after being on for more than half a day. I have also recently found, much to my further annoyance, that the charger needs to be in a specific spot in the phone to actually charge. I have tried it with an older charger, and it appears to be the phones fault, not the charger. The place where the charger connects is also in such a stupid place that I struggle to type while charging the phone. This is a serious problem and the battery fades fairly quickly and therefore I charge it while in bed, and often on MXit at the same time.

Like I said earlier, the buttons are fairly small, but I have sort of learnt to deal with making mistakes while typing, but the worst part of the buttons is that they are all on a smooth surface. There are four rows for the numbers, and one row is one button divided into three. If you look at the image above you will see what I mean. The rest of the buttons are made up of one smooth, solid piece of plastic. This often leads to the buttons simply not working as it appears to get confused with which button is pressed or if both are, and often I get the wrong result, as the wrong button gets pressed. Not only that, but often the button is just not registered as being pressed.

The phone came with Nokia Maps, which I was fairly impressed with. It does take some time to calculate where you currently are, but I can understand that with it needing to connect to the server and what not. I was extremely disappointed though when I discovered that I had a year free navigation subscription come with the phone, but like the rest of the phone, it doesn’t work. It never has. I was promised a year of voice guided navigation among other upgrades, and simply put: none of those promises were ever delivered.

It is completely infuriating and makes my blood boil! I actually don’t think, for my sanity’s sake, that I can continue to use this phone any longer! My life, and yours, might depend on it!

How old do you think this phone is? A few years of usage could hurt a phone, but this phone is only 9 months old! If a pile of poo could make a call, sms and mxit, I would rather use that. Oh no. Sorry, I AM using that pile of poo already! </rant>


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