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So here I am just sitting on my pc, when I head on over to for…well just because. I often take a peak at her blog and it provides some truly inspiring moments. Trust me, if you read it regularly, you will understand that she is one seriously tough cookie.

But inside that tough exterior is actually a rather generous person. She recently ran a competition with some wicked prizes.

First Prize: A fully catered picnic for 2 at Spier

Second Prize: R400 Kalahari gift voucher

Third Prize: R100 Kalahari gift voucher

Those are some pretty awesome prizes. The winners were just announced, and guess who came second though?! ME! I got the R400 Kalahari voucher! Alright? Cool? Nah, none of those. It’s AWESOME! I am lanked stoked to have won! WOOHOO! Early Xmas pressie! It will definitely help me find something on my Xmas Wishlist.

Merry Xmas everyone, and THANK YOU @cow_grrrl!

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