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I know you have missed me. There were no awesome posts for more than a week! Oh no! There is good news how ever. I am back to save your life, and pull you off the life support. I am so pleased to see that you could hang in there until I returned.

As you will know I am now completely done with school, and this obviously meant a big celebration. Of course, I partied hard. In fact, my mates and I went up to Plettenberg Bay for the tradtitional matric rage. This is just a week of solid, huge, gigantic parties with only the best DJ’s and bands.

It was absolutely amazing partying to the sounds of Roger Goode, Euphonik and Zebra and Giraffe. Don’t worry, I will post some pictures up for you guys, and the posts will now continue to flow as normal.

Did any one else go up to Plett?

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