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This is the second feature in our Xtreme Sports section. This is the place where things get taken to the Xtreme by our very own stunt man – X-man. **Please note: Do NOT try any of these ridiculously outragous stunts at home. They are performed by an untrained, extremely drunk individual.**

This time we have a much clearer picture than our first installment, Grass diving. I must say, this is definitely the most extreme post of the series so far, and in fact I can still not grasp the feat achieved here.

X-man and his accomplish received 9.1 for this effort

X-man and his accomplish received 9.1 for this effort

Please click the image to enlarge it and judge X-man’s effort yourself.

This is Ench Dancing, and is X-man’s very own adaptation of break dancing. He decided it was merely to simple and boring to just do normal break dancing, and therefore decided to add this own flavour to it. This is were the cigarette comes in. The aim is to pull off the most amazing moves without dropping your cigarette. This is extremely difficult, especially while under the influence, but our famous stunt man manages to pull it off.

X-man almost manages to get that perfect score except for his right leg was a bit wayward. His left leg is a better example of how it should be done with the knee bent at exactly 90 degrees. A fine achievement, and X-man really seems to be taking the sport by storm after dominating the field in Grass Diving. Can anyone stop this guy!?

What score would you give X-man for this effort? 9.1 to high or not high enough? Leave your scores and comments below!

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